Jugar Rampage Juego

Descripción del juego : If you\'ve ever watched one of those old Japanese horror movies starring a guy wearing a rubber monster suit and thought to yourself, "How can I get a job like that?", here\'s your big chance. Wreck everything. Eat everything. Burn everything. Climb everything. Smash everything and rejoice in a game that rewards unruly havoc rather than kiddie grade heroics.\n
Controles del juego : Player 1:\r\nUp arrow key to climb up.\r\nDown arrow key to climb down.\r\nLeft arrow key to move left.\r\nRight arrow key to move right.\r\nSpace to punch.\r\n"," to jump.\r\n\r\nPlayer 2:\r\nW to climb up.\r\nS to climb down.\r\nA to move left.\r\nD to move right.\r\nC to punch.\r\nV to jump.\r\n\r\nPlayer 3:\r\n8 to climb up.\r\n5 to climb down.\r\n4 to move left.\r\n6 to move right.\r\n7 to punch.\r\n9 to jump.\n

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